6 Things To Look For in a LA Bus Service

6 Things To Look For in a LA Bus Service

Los Angeles attracts a lot of groups coming to town for meetings, conferences and events. The city’s arsenal of great venues and excellent weather conditions make it a popular year-round destination. If you’re in charge of booking travel for a group of passengers, it makes sense to hire a private LA bus service to transport them. Having a bus shuttle them from the airport to their hotels or meeting sites is more cost effective and efficient than booking a fleet of cars or SUVs. Looking for transportation to the Rose Bowl? We have you covered! But how do you find a private bus service that’ll deliver exactly what you and your passengers need? What makes one bus service better than the next? To help make it easier to book a bus for your group’s next trip, we’ve compiled a list of 6 things to look for in a bus service.

Attentive Customer Service

You may not consider your experience with a reservationist relevant to your passengers’ experience on a bus, but it is. A company that shows excellent customer service by answering your questions, helping you plan your transportation, and offering a free quote, is more likely to show that same superior service to your passengers than a company whose reservationists are rude or difficult to deal with.

Good customer service doesn’t mean just being helpful on the phone, but also in person and on the Web. If you don’t feel like you’re dealing with an expert while you’re on the phone with them, exchanging emails, or while visiting their website, it’s hard to trust them with your passengers. When a company shows you a positive experience before you even book with them, you know they’ll treat your passengers right once they’re on board.

Diverse Bus Selection

Buses come in all sizes, from Sprinter vans holding 8-14 passengers, minibuses holding 22-48 passengers, or full-size motorcoaches offering 50+ seats. Some groups can be transported by one bus, while others may need multiple buses. Also, if you have groups arriving on several flights, you may only need a small bus for one group, but a big motorcoach for another.

Choosing a bus company with a diverse selection of vehicle sizes makes it easier to book the right one for your group. When in doubt, it’s always a smart idea to book the bigger option, just in case there are last-minute additions to the manifest. A good bus service will have a team of professionals ready to help you plan your transportation, no matter how large the group is, and a fleet capable of meeting your needs.

Also, it’s important to remember that a 22-passenger bus will seat 22 people, but may not have luggage space for all of them, so consider this when booking.

Latest Luxury, Safety and Entertainment Amenities

It’s important to have a bus equipped with the latest technology, from Wi-Fi to DVD players to leather seats with seat belts, to make sure your passengers are safe, comfortable and relaxed. Many of today’s travelers require onboard Wi-Fi so they can surf the Web, engage with social networks, check emails or connect to cloud-based applications.

Flatscreen TVs and DVD players not only offer passengers an alternative source of entertainment, they can be used by conference planners to play an introductory welcome video to prepare them for the event.

Regular Maintenance Routines

A bus loaded with the latest luxury and tech amenities won’t go far if it’s poorly maintained. Even newer model buses need to be properly maintained to ensure performance and passengers’ safety. Ask your bus service how old their fleet vehicles are and what the maintenance schedule is like, then compare with others as you do your research.

In addition to engine and chassis maintenance, a premier bus service will make sure their buses are immaculately clean, inside and out. This shows the company pays attention to detail and will go the extra mile to provide a first-class experience.

Bus Chauffeurs, Not Bus Drivers

One key factor that separates good bus services from great bus services is the quality of their chauffeurs. If you have VIP executives visiting LA for an important event, the last thing you want them to experience upon arrival is a rude, unfriendly or unhelpful bus driver.

A chauffeur is more than a driver; in addition to expertly operating a bus smoothly and safely, chauffeurs extend a higher standard of service to the passengers, acting as a mobile concierge who can answer questions, make recommendations about local dining and entertainment venues, or act as a tour guide.

Chauffeurs receive extensive training in customer service and are crucial players in creating a great, memorable, stress-free experience for your group.

Do They Belong to the NLA or ABA?

One great way to vet a Los Angeles bus service is by checking to see if they are members of either the National Limousine Association or American Bus Association. Membership in these professional associations ensures that a company is up to date with all regulatory measures and safety standards, and abides by industry best practices.

All of these factors are crucial to consider when researching group transportation options. To make the process easier, Strack Transportation’s friendly group transportation experts are available to help you choose and book a bus that meets the needs of your passengers.