Charter Bus Transportation in Orange County

Charter Bus Transportation in Orange County

Bus Charter Services

Bus Charter isn’t always a go-to option for people looking for Orange County group transportation because many people don’t know why it can be so great. We are going to give you just a few (of many) reasons why bus charter should be your next choice for group transportation.


Bus Charter is one of the most cost effective ways to travel. Traveling in a bus that can hold up to 57 people means that you can split the total cost between 57 people! Imagine going to an event with 50 people and buying plane tickets for that event… that would be crazy! Bus charter offers a short or long distance trip for much less the price than any other mode of transportation. When you arrive at your location you also have a mode of transportation around that area. No need to spend even more money on a rental car. Strack Ground also has some of the competitive rates in the market.


You never have to worry about being on separate flights or not sitting next to the person you wish. With bus charter you are in control of the whole trip! Where you stop, when you stop, where you sit, and so much more. You can participate in fun road games, get some work done, or even play a game of cards. Just like a plane or train, our 59 person bus even has a lavatory in case you don’t feel like making stops.


If you are going to a from a party (holiday work parties anyone?) you can guarantee your safety on a motor coach. With a designated driver all night everyone can have a couple cocktails and relax, no compromising necessary! DUI’s cost upwards of $10,000, so don’t drink and drive.

Eco Friendly:

For groups interested in minimizing their carbon footprint, the bus is one of the best transportation options around. Airplanes leave a HUGE carbon footprint, and driving your own car isn’t much better (particularly if there are only one or two people in it at the time). Because they carry so many passengers, buses have lower emissions per person than planes or passenger cars. You can always get a great deal with Strack Ground as our mission is to be a more eco-friendly company.


Instead of spending endless time dumping your shampoo and hand lotion into tiny containers, bring your belongings as you please! No pat downs (or sometimes what feels like rub downs) or arriving 2 hours early to fight airport lines. Unlike an airplane, once on the road, you’ll be able to see the scenery instead of flying over it! Enjoy the surrounding areas. When flying you also have to plan for transportation to and from the airport. With bus charter, you will be dropped off at your exact destination. No extra planning needed.
We know that planning transportation for up to 57 people is a headache to even think about. Let our professional, trained staff make your commute the best you’ve ever had. No matter where you are going, near or far, the staff at Strack Ground is always there to help you. Need help planning? Feel free to call one of our reservation specialists today at 888-781-5466. Happy travels!