Desert Trip Tips & Tricks

Desert Trip Tips & Tricks

The day is finally here… Day 1 of the first ever Desert Trip! If you’re a seasoned Coachella Festival goer this will be a breeze. However, we tend to believe that Desert Trip is going to attract a crowd of different sorts. see here for some of our must-know tips and tricks.


If you want a locker, we hope you already booked! Weekend 1 lockers are officially sold out, but if you’re going weekend 2 you are in luck. Although they might come across as a luxury and not a necessity, we cannot stress how important it is to have one. With the insane temperature dips at night nothing is more important than bringing extra blankets and warm clothes You have the choice between three different locker sizes, medium, large and x-large depending on what you need. Worried about changing in the middle of the festival? Don’t be! The locker company offers a complimentary changing tent.


DO bring sunglasses and hats. DON’T bring your favorite sunglasses and hat. It is almost a guarantee your sunnies will fall off your head or you will accidentally leave them somewhere. Save yourself the bummer of losing your favorite pair and opt for a cheaper pair that won’t sting as bad when you lose. You will need a hat to protect your scalp from the hot, hot desert sun, so that is another accessory to make sure you have. If you insist on recording your favorite performances, tweeting who you just saw and so on, definitely bring your portable phone charger so you don’t have to worry about having a dead phone. If you’re going with a large group, walkie talkies can also be a great mode of communication in the festival as the grounds are so large and usually jam-packed.


As we talked about before, a locker is great because you can store clothes for when the temperature drops a bit. You have to be prepared for that! Although it’s almost mid-October you may still have a day where it gets to 90, and you wonder why in the world you would need to bring pants and a long sleeve but save yourself the shivering and bring warm clothes for the shows at night as they can dip as low as 50! If you reserve a locker at you have access to their private changing tent so there is literally no reason why you wouldn’t come prepared. As for shoes… if you are planning on being front row for all of your favorite shows we cannot stress enough how important closed toe shoes are! Your toes will get stepped on and sandals make that so much more painful. You also are walking all. day. long. so come in some comfy shoes to support your feet.


Desert Trip is a bit different than your normal Coachella Valley Festival as none of the shows overlap! With only 6 artists, you don’t have to go through the hassle of planning your entire day out. However, if you don’t have an assigned seat (GA chair and blanket) then make sure you bring what you’ll need to be comfortable. From blankets, to backpack chairs, the options are unlimited!


Plan your transportation ahead of time. There was a pass option that included a shuttle pass, but if you got that be prepared to wait. There are a ton of people trying to catch the same shuttle as you and the wait times can be crazy. If you are camping then you can just walk over. Staying close? There is also the option to rent bikes and bike over as well. If not, you can try to taxi or uber, but expect there to be surge rates. We suggest hiring a premier transportation company to take care of all your Coachella transportation needs. Whether you need LAX to coachella limousine, or just a ride to and from the festival everyday, a premier transportation can cater to all your needs over the weekend. This gives you the option of leaving the festival and returning, no having to wait in lines, and having a comfortable, reliable car available, with a top knotch driver. Don’t wait to reserve your car though, because as we have said about most other things, they WILL sell out. Contact Strack Transportation today at 888-781-5466 or visit us online at www.stracktransportation today to make your reservation!