Executive Commuter Shuttle Service

Executive Commuter Shuttle Service

You’ve heard it before: “Los Angeles has the worst traffic in the world.” The city has earned a reputation for its ridiculous traffic, and an annual traffic index shows that reputation is well-deserved: L.A. really does have the worst roadway congestion in the country. Drivers there who have a 30-minute commute spend an average of 90 hours a year sitting in traffic. As bad as it is, it is only getting worse. Between 2012-2013 congestion rose a whopping 2 percent. In the LA-Long Beach-Santa Ana metro, 5,528,060 people commute to the office each day. Of those commuters, 21.15% say they drive less than 15 minutes to work; 35.09% say they drive 15 to 29 minutes to work; 24.92% say it takes 30 to 44 minutes to get to the office; and 18.84% driving for more than 45 minutes to get to work. Individually driving to work not only causes extreme road congestion, it also emits a ton of co2 into the environment. I bet you are asking yourself why in the world you are still individually commuting everyday. Well, it’s because unfortunately there aren’t many options. However, brace yourself because Strack Transportation is now offering commuter transportation.

As eco-friendly as the bus is it’s still not anyones top choice to travel. It is crowded, you have to make sure all of your belongings are close by, the list goes on. Imagine being able to commute to work in a vehicle equipped with full wifi, surrounded my colleagues. Imagine spending those 90 HOURS a year that you do sitting in traffic, being productive instead. That’s what Strack Transportation is making possible for you and your workplace. We are offering a full commuter shuttle service wherever your office is. Now, let’s talk about the top of the line vehicles that we offer our commuter shuttles in. These are definitely not your standard metro bus.

Sprinter Van rentals are a thing of the future for group transportation, and lucky for you, Strack Transportation has them available for your commuter shuttle. With Mercedes Benz design and luxury, this van really has it all. Whether you need an orange county sprinter van, or one in the LA vicinity, we cover all areas. Capabale of holding up to 15 people, full wifi, premium wood floor design, and superior head room and ease of access. Sit back, relax, and get some work done, pre-work! Need a bit more room? We also offer a mini-coach with seating for up to 29 people. With plenty of space for all of the things that you bring to work, this vehicle really can accommodate all sorts of situations.

Whether you are an employer, or an employee, commuter shuttles are something that you should be considering in your near future. With multi-pick up and drop off options, you can even work with an office nearby to split a van. Can you imagine if every business in LA committed to using a commuter shuttle? Our extremely high levels of CO2, along with the hours of traffic that people endure everyday, would come to an end.

So, change the way that people commute to your office today. Call Strack Transportation and lets plan your everyday work shuttle in the Los Angeles and Orange County vicinity.