Holiday Travel Tips

Holiday Travel Tips

Traveling during the holidays can be a daunting task. From booking your ticket (with extreme prices), to planning the actual travel day, it can turn what should be an exciting day into a very stressful one. Here are a couple of our favorite tips and tricks to make your 2016 holiday travel just a little bit easier.

Pack Light

We know, packing light can be quit the task when traveling during the winter months. Large jackets, heavy sweaters and chunky boots take up more room than you want to admit. However, packing lightly (and just a carry on) will save you loads of time. When you arrive to the airport skip the lines to drop your baggage off. Download your ticket with your airlines app and head right through security to the gate. Once you arrive to your final destination, you can jump into your car and hit the road! No waiting for baggage to come out, or even worst case scenario, dealing with lost luggage, which during the holidays usually involves lost gifts.

Choose Your Travel Days Wisely

So Thanksgiving is on a Thursday. Sure, it would be nice to get into town the day before and stay all through the weekend, but that isn’t always the cheapest option. Often times traveling on the day of the holiday can prove to be much cheaper. This doesn’t always mean having to miss all of the fun though. If you jump on an early morning flight, and come back on say, Saturday instead of Sunday, you will pay almost half the price while still being able to enjoy your family.

Plan For The Unexpected

While you can plan until you turn blue, you can’t plan for the unexpected. When traveling during the winter seasons, many weather-related issue can drastically delay your travel times. That’s why leaving and arriving to the airport early is a must. Traveling by car? Give yourself extra time as the slippery roads and snowy weather can cause long delays. Pack chargers, entertainment for the kids and some snacks to get the family by.


Choosing your transportation to and from your destinations can prove to be one of the most important. If you’re traveling to the airport, especially during the holidays, you can’t depend on friends and families for rides as everyone is either out of town or busy. That’s where Strack Transportation comes in. With our top of the line service, our chauffeurs will ensure that you make it to the airport, or even grandma’s house, with time to spare. No more worrying about navigating awful holiday traffic. Our drivers know the roads of Los Angeles and beyond like the back of their hand! Traffic? Spend time planning things for you and the family rather than dealing with congested roads.

So, use Strack Transportation to make your next holiday travel just a little bit easier. Contact us today by phone at 888-781-5466 or by email at to book your Holiday Transportation today.