How To Find The Best Premier Transportation For You

How To Find The Best Premier Transportation For You

Finding a luxury car for popular events, meetings or trips for VIP event attendees and company executives can be simplified by hiring a luxury car service company. However, with thousands of companies providing ground transport services, care must be taken when reserving your limousine, sedan or SUV to make an unrivaled entry to that important event.

Every car service on the market will claim that it can meet all your needs, but this is not always the case. Furthermore, it is difficult to tell which car service provider can meet your VIP driving styles. Here is a simple guide that will help you reserve the best car for your event:

Interview the Provider

While viewing the website, Facebook page and Yelp of a car service provider is critical in getting an insight into what to expect, a profile on a social media page would not be sufficient to help you hire an executive car service. You need to supplement this information with information from a detailed interview with at least three providers of VIP and executive ground transportation. Here is a brief discussion of some key questions you may ask during the interview.

What is the size of your network?

You need to ask how wide you intend to travel. If your travel will span over a wide geography, you need to hire a provider who can drive you around as you go about your business. A single company that has experience of providing regional service will be a good fit for you if you plan to travel across cities.

Are the vehicles in good condition?

As a VIP, a company executive or a celebrity, you don’t want to hire a car that will develop a mechanical problem in the middle of your journey. Great providers understand that customers are cared and arrive at their events safely and on time. You need to know the expertise of the chauffeur that has been assigned to drive you around. A skilled chauffeur can perform vehicle inspections and fine-tune to minimize car breakdowns.

What are the vehicle options?

Not any car will suit your upcoming event. You need to choose a car from a fleet of luxury cars that can complement your event. Whether you are a celebrity seeking to make a compelling entry or a business executive who is concerned about his image or a solo traveler, you need a vehicle that will make a memorable impression as you arrive at your location.

Decide on Your Booking Method

As an executive, your assistant may help with booking your chauffeured car service. Whether you or your assistant decides to book the vehicle, the convenience of the method must be considered. Does the provider offer an online booking portal? This can help determine whether the company is flexible.

Choosing Your Service

Each company executive, VIP or celebrity is different, and the type of ground transport should be different as well. You need to find a company that offers custom services that suit your needs. If you need complete freedom and discretion, you may want to hire a self-driven car. For some people, a chauffeured car would be an ideal choice to make their way to the location.

Search for Outside References

You need to be sure that you are booking a car from a reliable and a highly reputed company. You can obtain information from other independent agents or people to ascertain that the company always tries to live up to its promises. You can always use the social media and forums to obtain incredible information from comments before booking your car.