How To Relax During Business Travel

How To Relax During Business Travel

If you are a corporate executive who travels often for business, then you know the toll that being on the road, managing time crunches and deadlines, and often missing sleep can do to your energy levels, productivity, and overall morale. Finding ways to de-stress when you have moments of downtime on your business trip is as important to productivity and a healthy work life as effective scheduling and meeting deadlines. We’ve outlined a few ways to make de-stressing easy and effective for the road warriors among you.

Get a Massage

This old staple of stress-management is as effective as ever when you’ve been giving presentations, you’ve been glued to your laptop, or you’ve been stuck in meetings all day. The tension that muscles can acquire when a body is put in constant, stress-inducing situations (think business negotiations or trying to meet an important deadline) is one of the No. 1 culprits of a miserable business trip and diminished productivity.

Working long hours and not getting enough sleep or nutrients, both of which road warriors tend to do often, only compound and worsen the situation. Consider finding a reputable spa that offers different types of massage to help relieve some of the muscle tension associated with working long hours; two types of massage that are fantastic for relaxation and promoting good health and detoxification are the lymphatic drainage massage and the hot stone massage.

Get Better Sleep

Being on the road and having so many demands on your time can mean that you sacrifice sleep in order to get things done. But decreasing how much sleep you get can be a quick road to diminished productivity and generally low morale. Study after study has proven that the only way to be truly re-energized is to make time for actual sleep, and supplementing low-energy with sugar-filled energy drinksor other sources of caffeine can actually cause long-term detriment to one’s health. The road to getting higher-quality sleep on the road starts with your hotel.

If you are a noise-sensitive sleeper, be sure to request upon check-in a room away from the elevators, vending and ice machines and the front entrance. Eliminating these sources of noise can do wonders for prolonging and deepening sleep. Also, a comfortable bed is one of the most important aspects of getting good sleep. If you know a particular hotel chain has beds that you sleep well in, request a stay in that hotel on your next business trip. Make use of ear plugs or a sleeping mask; light stimulates activity in the brain, no matter how tired you are, so blocking out light during crucial sleeping hours is one way to ensure that you get your best sleep at any hour of the day.

Find Time to Unplug

The demands of business can translate to spending 20 hours a day talking or texting on a smart phone, staring at a computer, or scrolling through a report on your tablet. Staying plugged in for most of your waking hours can not only overstimulate your brain so that sleeping is more difficult and less restful, but it can also contribute to eye strain and eye dryness, both of which can cause extreme discomfort.

Allowing yourself up to an hour before bedtime to mentally wind down is one of the best ways to ensure better sleep and prevent burnout from constant exposure to the same programs, emails, and concerns. Turning off the computer or tablet and silencing the cell phone are some of the easiest ways to ensure that your brain understands that it is time to sleep.

Although business travel is often times more stressful than you’d like, utilizing these methods will definitely help ease yourself into any trip.