Los Angeles Bus Charter Rental

Los Angeles Bus Charter Rental

Los Angeles bus charter rental isn’t always the first thing you think of when looking for group transportation but it just might be exactly what you’re looking for. With many amenities that your standard vehicle doesn’t have, bus charter exudes luxury. See here for some of our favorite features in Strack Transportation’s luxury bus.


Comfort is key when riding with Strack Transportation. When utilizing our motor coach rental you’ll experience only the best of the best. Our brand new motor coach features: seating for up to 56, two-tone leather reclining seats and a private lavatory on board (complete with sink and toilet).


Not all group transportation is created equal and Strack Transportation proves that. Not only does our motor coach offer the most in comfort, it also has some of the most lavish amenities. Our motor coach includes USB ports at every seat, a wireless PA system (perfect for corporate transportation), DVD player, wifi, 8 screens and real wood floors.

Now that you are aware of everything a motor coach through Strack Transportation has to offer, let’s talk about when using a motor coach is ideal. Corporate transportation is an obvious, whether you are utilizing for an everyday shuttle or for transportation to and from events, meetings, etc. With full wifi, you can guarantee your employees are working while on the go. Our motor coach is also the perfect option for larger families (bring grandma and grandpa on this trip!) doing tours around California. From Disneyland, to Napa, we can cater to your families needs.

Contact us today by phone at 888-781-5466 or email us at reserve@stracktransportation.com to book your next Los Angeles Bus Charter Rental with Strack Transportation.