Los Angeles Commuter Shuttle

Los Angeles Commuter Shuttle

Think your daily commute is the absolute worst? Well if you’re a resident of Southern California, you might just be right.

According to an analysis by the Auto Insurance Center, a news and information website, the portion of the U.S. 101 between Topanga Canyon Boulevard and Vignes Street is the country’s most jam-packed roadway in the nation! With an average pace of just 17mph, the only 26-mile distance takes up to 91 minutes to travel at peak rush hour. There were 417 U.S. urban areas analyzed, and unsurprisingly, LA ranks as the costliest in time and money. Drivers in Los Angeles, Long Beach and Anaheim lose 80 hours per year to traffic delays, nearly twice the national average. And all that expended time and gas costs them $1,711 annually, compared to the $960 spent by the typical American driver.

One of the most time and cost effective ways to end this insane epidemic is to travel in groups. Los Angeles does have a bus system but as you can expect while cost effective, it is definitely not time effective or necessarily the most comfortable (especially with the heat stroke we are currently going through!). If you work on the westside, you can take advantage of the light rail which spans from Culver City to Santa Monica, which although is a great idea, is unfortunately still a very short distance. Phase 2 of the light rail is currently in construction which will eventually run from downtown LA to the westside.

However, there is another option. Imagine being able to commute to work in a vehicle equipped with full wifi, surrounded my colleagues. Imagine spending those 90 HOURS (results via annual traffic index) a year that you do sitting in traffic, being productive instead. That’s what Strack Transportation is making possible for you and your workplace. With a full fleet of group vehicles, we can work with your corporation on what pick-up and drop-offs work best for your employees, on an ongoing basis.

Whether you are an employer, or an employee, commuter shuttles are something that you should be considering in your near future. With multi-pick up and drop off options, you can even work with an office nearby to split a van. Can you imagine if every business in LA committed to using a commuter shuttle? Our extremely high levels of CO2, along with the hours of traffic that people endure everyday, would come to an end.

So, change the way that people commute to your office today. Call Strack Transportation and lets plan your everyday work shuttle in the Los Angeles and Orange County vicinity.