OC Premier Transportation

OC Premier Transportation

With the ease that transportation apps like Uber and left bring, some may wonder why they should take the time to book a premier transportation service like Strack Transportation. See below for some of the highlights of riding with Strack Transportation.


With premier transportation services you will be able to ride within a luxury vehicle with an ample amount of space and have a driver at your service that wears a suit and a tie to work every day. Essentially you will be paying a small amount of money for a luxury ride to and from. All of the comfort that you could ever need will be found within the vehicles including space, comfortable seating arrangements, your choice of music, and your selection of air controls. Out vehicles range from a Lincoln MKS, Mercedes S-Class all the way to Motor Coach. Some of our amenities include: onboard WIFI, fully reclining seats, lavatory and more.

Lack of Stress:

We know that getting around Southern California can be quite the task. Between preparing for an event, or packing your bags for the airport, its a lot to take on. You have to worry about parking, or putting the daunting task or transportation to the airport on a friend or family. Especially if you are traveling around Orange County from another area. Determining the routes to take can prove to be quite stressful and irritating as traffic can be a complete zoo most of the time. Limousine drivers will be able to take your final destination and determine the fastest route to take. This can not only help you to save time but to also relieve a huge amount of stress that transportation can cause.

Cost Effective:

With a flat rate cost, you will never get charged and arm and a leg due to traffic (and trust us, there is traffic in Orange County). Taxi companies, and Uber, will charge you for that extra time that you are just sitting in the car, not moving, as if you could change traffic. With Strack Transportation you will receive a flat rate before your ride so there is no worrying, or surprises, when the ride comes to an end.

Why Choose Strack?

Strack Transportation will provide you with the best service in the industry with our luxurious fleet, on point drivers, and well-informed reservation specialists to make sure that your experience is amazing every single time, our guarantee. For help on planning your transportation to your next event, the airport, or even a tour of Orange County you can find us at www.strackground.com or give one of our reservation specialists a call at 888-781-5466.