Tips For A Productive Monday

Tips For A Productive Monday

Monday can feel like a drag. You’ve just had a great weekend, and now, no matter how much you love your job, you have another busy work week ahead. However, as much of a drag as it feels, Monday can really set the mood for the rest of your week. So start strong with a couple of our favorite tips from the pro’s on how to have the most productive Monday possible.

  1. Start your week with positivity.

Too many people go into the week with a negative mind. This effects not only your mood, but the mood of those around you. Go into the week positive, with an idea of how you want it to end and you are more likely to start the week strong.

2. Do the hard things first.

There’s nothing worse than walking around all day (and this really applies to any day of the week) knowing that you have a serious project, big talk to have with an employee/boss, etc. to do. Get in the office, and get the hard things done first. Not only will this give you a good kick for the day, you’ll continue the day with a positive attitude rather than stressing on unfinished business.

3. Dedicate time for organization/prioritization.

Block out an hour first thing Monday morning and get your ducks in a row. If you don’t have clear objectives on Monday, you will find yourself with a short week to get things done. Super productive people assess the entire week so they can manage their resources accordingly. That gives them the ability to meter out the week and adjust as necessary. Make your lists and calendar your time. It will free your mind for the week.

4. Write it all down!

Take notes. As much as you wish that everything you put on your Monday morning objectives list would stay the same, it won’t. While you adapt to changes, your to-do list must do the same, so be prepared and write it all down to ensure you won’t forget a single thing. However, you don’t just have to write down your to-do’s. Writing down inspiration you hear throughout the day, affirmations and more can keep you motivated all week long.

We hope these tips and tricks can help you kickstart your week. Happy Monday ya’ll and here’s to a productive work week ahead!