Unique restaurants in Southern California

Unique restaurants in Southern California

Southern California has some of the most fabulous places to dine in the world. It can be a hard decision figuring where to go out and eat. It is difficult picking just a few of the best, but here are just few interesting, unusual and unique restaurants in Southern California.

  • The Hobbit- located in the city of Orange, serves a multi course meal throughout an entire evening that’s broken into three acts. Exquisite food set in a charming and romantic refurbished house will make this a dining experience to remember.


  • Pedaler’s Fork- located in Calabasas, has a unique farm to table dining experience. This memorable restaurant not only serves up food to die for, but it also doubles as a bike shop so its perfect spot to ride your bike to enjoy a meal.


  • Tam O’ Shanter- located in Los Angeles, is a considered landmark since 1922. This historic restaurant should be experienced at least once in your lifetime.


  • Cold Springs Tavern- located in Santa Barbara, is the oldest restaurant in Southern California. This restaurant has been a popular destination since the 1800s with its dark and classy ambiance and delicious menu, it’s definitely a restaurant you need to try out.


  • Inn of the Seventh Ray- located in Topanga, is absolutely a restaurant to check out with its garden setting surrounded by trees and twinkly lights. Perfect for a night of fairytale dining.


  • Lakeside Restaurant and Lounge- located in Los Encinos State Historic Park Los Angeles, you’ll enjoy al fresco dining under a magnificent tree with a waterfront view.


Whether you’re looking for a restaurant for your next date night, or even just a girls’ night out, any of the above are a guarantee for some delicious food. Looking to make the night a bit more special? Contact Strack Transportation today to book premier transportation for your special night out.