Volunteering this Thanksgiving

Volunteering this Thanksgiving

It is estimated that in Los Angeles county alone around 254,000 people experience homelessness throughout the year. So this Thanksgiving stop worrying about how to cook that turkey to perfection, grab your kids and get a Los Angeles car service and give back to the wonderful city that we live in by helping feed the homeless at one of these charities.

USHS, San Gabriel Valley’s largest social services agency, offers year-round community meal programs and other services for the area’s homeless population, including emergency shelter, community shower programs, children’s education and recreational activity and adult classes in parenting, money management and nutrition. For the past 45 years they have hosted their always popular Dinner In The Park. Visit Central Park in Pasadena to help feed hundred of homeless men, women and children from 8a.m.-3p.m. this Thursday and help USHS give back.

Downtown LA’s Midnight Mission is one of the best-run organizations of its kind, offering counseling, education, training and job placement to the city’s homeless population, as well as food, shelter, personal hygiene and medical care. Along with regular meal services and food donation drives, the Mission holds special Thanksgiving and Christmas events. This year The Midnight will close off a city block to provide a traditional holiday meal to guests and to distribute food bags and donated clothing. They’re always looking for donations and volunteers so visit their website to find out how to get your family involved!

Help distribute food and sleeping bags to over 350 poor and homeless people at Food On Foot’s Hollywood feeding location this Thanksgiving. Volunteer hours are from 2 p.m.-5 p.m., leaving plenty of time for a good hearty meal of your own right after! Interested in being a sponsor? With a $250 donation you will also personally hand out prizes and food gift cards to the top workers in our Work for Food program.  Through this program, the homeless receive the tools and resources to leave the streets with a life-skills education, a full-time job and the confidence needed to make their accomplishments long-lasting.

Need airport transportation? Call Strack Ground for your premier transportation on Thanksgiving.  Whether you volunteer or not, we hope everyone has a safe (and yummy!) Thanksgiving. Happy holidays!