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“I travel for a living and I have experienced it all. Suffice it to say that these guys are as good as it gets for individual transportation needs or for group events.  I use Strack for my individual corporate needs and recently we used them for two corporate event groups of about 125 people.  The coordination, communication, vehicles and professional were first rate. “
— Ed W. (Corporate Client from Boise, ID)


Lead Staff

Matthew Strack
Founder / CEO

Paul Marchiorlatti
Groups / Events Manager

Wayne Kempe
Chauffeur Manager


A word from Matthew strack


People often ask how I got involved in the luxury transportation industry. And, in truth, I say it was by accident! In 2005, I was working ceaselessly to support a new business venture and decided to start driving limousines to help supplement income. Shortly after I began driving, the owner offered the chance for me to buy the company. A limousine company was the last thing I wanted to own but I made an offer.

And with this unlikely story, Strack Chauffeured Transportation was formed. Starting out, I spent a lot of time watching our competitors; analyzing what they were doing right and where they fell short. I quickly realized the opportunity to establish a niche in the market by offering a consistently reliable, premium level of service. Utilizing my experience in business development and knowledge of financial services, I constructed a progressive, client-focused model of luxury transportation.


Initially, my vision was simple: deliver reliable service, build a network of client referrals and establish long-term clientele. But the company’s growth quickly surpassed anything I could have envisioned. We grew from a one-man operation, to a full-scale company with an around the clock staff.


This period of rapid growth prompted me to define and expound my original vision for Strack. I wanted to bolster progress and expansion, but also preserve our core values. Drawing from successful business models like Disney, Nordstroms, and 3M, I formed Strack’s mission and core values.

Core Values.

  • Integrity in everything we do

  • Excellence in reputation

  • Fanatical attention to detail

  • Delivering “ease” at every opportunity

Mr. Strack studied at UCLA earning a Bachelor’s degree in Economics then working in finance with companies such as Morgan Stanley. An entrepreneur at heart, Mr. Strack has claimed his passion as business and creating products and services that clients love and embrace.



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